jueves, 22 de febrero de 2007

Hi, my name is Lucia but everybody calls me cuchi, my hair is straight black, I’m medium height and from La Concepción , I live in Campo Boscan, I’m 31 year old and I study journalism at URBE.
I love listening Vallenato, my family and my bitch Muñeca.I hate violence, I don’t like to onions, lie, injustice and red meat.
My dream is I want to graduate of journalist and be an excellent in my profession, visit and know Los Roques, get married I have one baby and start a family.
About English. I think English is very important but I can not write well neither speaks well. I need to practice more. I wish is poke English very well.
About my friend
Her name’s Frederic Pulido he’s from Maracaibo, he’s a student from at URBE electric engineering, he’s 30 year old, he’s lives in sector Sabaneta, I love melon and music, and I hate violence.

My favorite city in Venezuela is Mérida.

Mérida it's pretty safe and its people is very friendly, it's a boringcity but it's really beautiful tough.Mérida is pretty cold, their temperature is 18 degrees, it's also arelaxing city, it's clean and not expensive.I like Mérida because is beautiful city and I would like to return youshould visit Paramo la Culata; you shouldn’t miss the cable car and thepark Chorros de milla.

Already/ Not yet

I have written a book I haven’t had a son

I have gone to the beach I haven’t played tennis

I have walked in the park I haven’t traveled you Spain

I have cooked dinner I haven’t driven a bycle

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